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Line Trimming 

Our workers at Seyrek Sealers approach each residential driveway as if it were their own. We carefully line the edges of the driveway with our weed whackers, and use high power blowers to clear the driveway from any debris before sealing. 


Driveway Asphalt Maintenance


To maintain an attractive appearance and protect your asphalt, sealcoating is recommended. You should have a protective surface coating applied to your pavement every 2-3 years. Sealcoating helps the pavement "hold on" to its aggregate, prolonging its life and keeping more expensive repair costs down. Sealcoating your pavement will also protect it from oxidation and spills, and applied at recommended intervals will prolong the life of your pavement indefinitely at a fraction of replacement costs. 

Crack Filling

Pavement cracks and inspection should be done annually. Cracks that remain unsealed will allow water to continue to penetrate, causing more severe damage and deterioration at the asphalt base. In our winter climate, water penetration and ice freezing into pavement pores, combined with salt acts as a catalyst in the deterioration process. Once water/ice are allowed to penetrate these cracks, it beings to quickly deteriorate, and can become a pot hole. The longer cracks go unrepaired, the greater the damage to the base, and the higher the risk of increased cracking. Cracking is an "early sign" of wear and tear, and should be addressed quickly. 

resurfacing & replacement

​​​Asphalt resurfacing and maintenance can be good alternatives to completely replacing an asphalt surface. If your asphalt has degenerated past the point of sealcoating, our trained, experienced staff can review your specific situation and recommend whether resurfacing is an appropriate option. The asphalt structure’s base holds the key to whether resurfacing is possible. As long as the base is stable and the drainage is correct, your project should be suitable for asphalt resurfacing.


If deterioration of the pavement has already taken place, replacement of the damaged pavement may be possible. Isolated issues can occasionally be fixed by patching. When areas of damage to your pavement are less than 15% of the overall lot, spot repair and patching are recommended. 


Seyrek SeaLers & Maintenance

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